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Krzysztof Kubik

Karolina Mazur

Krzysztof Kubik

Lewis Jones

Prof. Stephen Ormerod

Peter Mawby MA (Cantab.)

Simon Vickery

David Arrundale

Mark Arrundale

Jane Riddell

Krzysztof Kubik

Karolina Mazur

Krzysztof Kubik

Krzysztof Kubik

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Caroline Ford from

Erik Eggenkamp, XC72766. Accessible at

Buhl Johannes, XC164928. Accessible at

Dawid Jablonski, XC185754. Accessible at


Prof. Stephen Ormerod

Professor of Ecology, Cardiff School of Biosciences

Peter Mawby MA (Cantab.)

Helen Brown

Trust Manager Water of Leith Conservation Trust

Kathryn Cox

Scottish Ornithologists’ Club

DR Stephanie J. Tyler

Emma Davie

Head of Film & TV, Edinburgh College of Art

David Cairns

Lecturer Film Directing (Drama), Edinburgh College of Art

Julie Bills

Film and TV Technician, Edinburgh College of Art

Amy Hardie

Head of Research at Scottish Documentary Institute – SDI Productions Ltd.


Duncan & Ellie MacKinnon